Best Echo Trimmer Matthews NC For Homeowners and Professionals

If you are looking for a Echo Trimmer Matthews NC, then you will not be disappointed with either the SRM-225 or the SRM-2620.  Both of these trimmers have plenty of great features which allow you to get the job done without breaking your back.  Both of these Echo options are straight-shaft trimmers and are designed for performance.


Echo SRM 225 Trimmer
This is the SRM 225 Trimmer, which is tailored to the needs of a homeowner

This is the perfect Echo Trimmer for homeowners.  This one offers a professional grade engine and a reduced effort starting system. Furthermore, it also has a 59″ straight shaft and a speed feed head.  The speed feed head ensures your work won’t be interrupted.


Echo SRM 2620 Trimmer
This Echo SRM 2620 Trimmer is the Echo trimmer of choice for professionals

This trimmer features a 25.4 CC 2-stroke engine made from magnesium.  The air filter has also been designed to ensure that you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning this trimmer as you would with another.  It starts up easily as well, meaning that this trimmer is adapted to some very intense climates.

When shopping for a new trimmer, think of all the features which you might need.  Do you value power, or do you want something that is lightweight?  These are all very important factors to keep in mind when you are looking for your next trimmer.