Simplicity Mowers and Simplicity Lawn Tractors Designed For Lawn Striping

simplicity lawn tractor
Simplicity Lawn Tractor – Notice The Roller on the Cutting Deck which is for lawn striping.

Ever seen a picture of the perfectly-sculpted lawn and been curious as to how it’s done? Simplicity mowers are precision-crafted to create the perfectly sculpted lawn that you’ve seen in the magazines.

Simplicity Mowers are one of the items which we offer here at Interstate Services and Supplies.  These are quite popular since they are designed to create those beautiful golf course quality lawns.

How Does The Free-Floating Mower Deck Work?

This free-floating deck is the reason why Simplicity mowers are able to create such a beautiful pattern in the lawn.  This feature offers the mower the ability to pivot easily around turns.  Ultimately, the free-floating mower deck means that the mower deck moves independently of the tractor itself.  The benefit of this system is that the mower deck is able to cut a unique pattern into the grass.

Designed for Lawn Striping

The Simplicity mower has a built-in roller near the cutting deck.  What this means is that the roller pushes the grass in the forward direction if the mower is making a straight pass, and pushes the grass blades in the opposite direction if the mower is traveling in the opposite direction.  This pattern of cutting grass means that the Simplicity mower is designed to create the beautiful patterns in the freshly-cut grass which you have likely envied.

Watch this video which explains the art of lawn striping by Simplicity Mowers. This is the same method which is used to create some of the beautiful lawns which are famous in baseball stadiums.