How Husqvarna Push Mowers Save Your Back


Husqvarna 7021 P
Features 21″ Deck – gas push mower. Powerful engine, rear wheel drive.

Husqvarna is a mower brand which is geared toward saving your back with its self-propelled system.  The company’s push mowers have a adjustable deck height which is designed to be adjusted to 3 positions for maximum comfort.

Because it is able to move to 3 positions, it is capable of being able to maneuver around sharp turns.  The reason for the maneuverability is due to the mower’s compact design.  With the compact design, Husqvarna push mowers are easy to push around shrubs and other garden features.

These mowers have also been designed to navigate uneven terrain.  Uneven terrain can make things slightly difficult for the operator, so this Husqvarna mower has a few built in features which are designed to help navigate past some of these challenges which the uneven terrain can pose.

Deck heights are also easily adjusted in a Husqvarna mower (1.25″ to 4″).  These deck heights can make it easier for the operator to obtain the cut they are looking for.  If you’re worried about corrosion, the powder-coated cutting deck has been designed specifically to resist some of the rust that can occur.

In all, Husqvarna push mowers are designed for tough work.  Because they are self-propelled, it’s very easy to operate a Husqvarna push mower.  They move on their own power, which saves you the effort of pushing a heavy lawn mower around.  These mowers also feature an ergonomic design which makes these mowers easy to maneuver.