Exmark Mowers Feature RED Innovation For Better Efficiency and Longer Life

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Exmark has a patented technology (RED) which is designed to increase efficiency and life expectancy of their mowers.  It’s an onboard computer system which features a switch that allows for an optimal setting for efficiency to be used.

RED Monitors Onboard Systems

The RED monitoring system keeps track of the critical onboard systems.  These include: temperature of the engine, the electrical system, and oil levels.  If anything exceeds a certain threshold, the mower is automatically put into a mode which prevents engine damage and allows the mower to be serviced.

Clutch Automatically Engaged or Disengaged

Another feature which the PTO/RED system allows for is the automatic engagement or disengagement of the clutch.  The idea behind this innovation is to reduce the wear and tear on this critical system to prevent any additional damage in the event of a failure.  Even if the throttle is engaged, the clutch is automatically disengaged at 2500 RPM.  Mechanical governors have also been replaced with electronic versions, which has increased fuel efficiency since electronic governors are quicker to respond than mechanical versions.

Operational Modes

The RED system also features a variety of different operational modes for ensuring a optimal cut.  With a simple flip of the switch, it is possible to toggle between Max/Efficient/Low modes.  The appropriate option to be used depends on the type of grass which is to be cut.  Low mode is best suited to wet grass and ensures that the mower is optimally operated.  Max mode is for the more challenging conditions.  This switch was designed to replace the throttle in order to make the job simpler.

Here Is A Video From Exmark Explaining the RED Technology

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