How Often Do I Maintain My Mower?

Commercial lawn mowers are much like our own vehicles.  It’s very important to keep up with the maintenance on your mower, otherwise you could end up with a mower which doesn’t work.

To find out how often you should perform your basic mower maintenance tasks, the best place to consult is your operator’s manual.  As an example, the Husqvarna PZ-54 Mower requires an engine oil change after 50 hours of operation.  You should also be checking your engine oil levels on a daily basis to ensure that these levels don’t fall below acceptable amounts.

Bearings are another part of the mower which should not be neglected.  This is what reduces the friction caused by the normal operation.  This takes a little bit longer to be necessary: this is typically performed after every 200-250 hours.

In the case of the Husqvarna PZ-54, the bearings to be lubricated include the front wheel mounts/bearings wheel and deck zerks, and the deck spindles.  The advice of the manufacturer is to use high quality grease only to ensure that the deck is properly lubricated.

The Husqvarna PZ-54 also features a transaxle fluid filter and transaxle fluid.  This is to also be changed every 500 hours to ensure that the transaxle fluid is fresh and will last for a longer time.  The regular oil filter should be changed every time you change the engine oil on the mower.

Changing oil and performing maintenance tasks are two items which are very easy to fall behind on with regard to your maintenance. You don’t want to get caught behind, otherwise you could end up with more mower problems which will keep you off the job.

Here are links to some of the user manuals for the more popular brands.  You’ll definitely want to periodically consult your manual to determine any maintenance needs: