How Our Small Engine Repair Charlotte NC Services Your Equipment Fast!

We’re in the business of small engine repair Charlotte NC; and we always work hard to ensure that your equipment whether it is under warranty or not will be serviced in a timely manner.  Power equipment breaks down for many reasons, so it is very crucial for you to keep our service center in mind whenever you are looking for a great repair service!

Our Small Engine Repair Charlotte NC Service Center Is Fast And Efficient
Our Charlotte NC Small Engine Repair Service Center Is Fast And Efficient

The Types of Equipment That We Service

  1. Chainsaws – Have a Chainsaw that won’t start?  We will be more than happy to take a look.
  2. Mowers – Nearly all major brands of lawnmowers are serviced by us at Intesrstate Supplies & Services.
  3. Blowers – We perform repairs on nearly all blowers, and we stand behind our work.
  4. Trimmers – We fix trimmers faster than anyone else!
  5. Pressure Washers – If your pressure washer isn’t running well, then bring it by and we’ll get it fixed.

Our small engine repair Charlotte NC service is a dedicated service center which covers any and all of your service needs.  That is the reason why we started: we wanted to ensure our customers’ lawn care equipment needs. Our customers trust our expertise because we’ve been servicing mowers onlne for quite some time. Once we were able to successfully meet this challenge, the next step was for us to expand to multiple other areas.

We even carry our own line of power equipment and mower parts Charlotte NC.  Our parts warehouse is fully stocked with the parts from nearly all major lawn mower brands.  Our service department uses our parts when we service mowers, and nearly all of our customers trust that we have an eye for quality.

One thing we’ll always keep in mind: your business is our business.  This means that we always will take care to ensure a fast and reliable turnaround time.  We are also more than willing to stand behind our work to ensure a great outcome.