How To Maintain Your Husqvarna Chainsaw to Avoid Breakdowns – Chainsaw Repairs Matthews NC

450 Rancher husqvarna dealer matthews nc
This 450 Rancher Chainsaw is durable and versatile. A great asset assuming that this chainsaw has been properly maintained!

With hurricane and storm season right around the corner in NC, you’ll probably want to make sure that you have a maintained chainsaw on hand.  There’s nothing worse than a chainsaw which won’t start up when you need it.  Here are a few basic maintenance tasks to keep in mind to make sure that your chainsaw is properly maintained.  Of course, you’ll want to have the appropriate Chainsaw Repairs Matthews NC done if your chainsaw were to break for any reason.

Is Your Chainsaw’s Chain Sharp?

Obviously, your chainsaw’s chain can wear down over time.  A worn out chain cannot cut down a tree, so it is important to remember that you get your chain sharpened.  The way to sharpen a chainsaw’s chain is to file it with a file set.  Once the chainsaw’s chain begins to crack, then that is when it might be time to consider a replacement.  The chain also needs to be tensioned to ensure that it is securely positioned on the bar.

Is Your Chain Lubricated?

Your chainsaw’s chain also needs to be lubricated on a regular basis.  The reason for this is that lubricating a chain can cause premature wear, so you should refill the chain oil each time you refuel your chainsaw.  Also included is making sure that your chainsaw’s bar is also clean.

Engine Maintenance

Don’t forget that your chainsaw has an engine.  This is another part of the chainsaw which will require regular repairs and service to prevent problems from arising.  Remember to clean the fuel filter, the oil tank, and the carburetor; The clutch break and clutch drum can also easily wear out as well – meaning that these are components of the chainsaw which should be inspected carefully.

Have A Professional Look It Over

At Interstate Supplies & Services, we have a team of professionals as well as many tools which are needed to keep your chainsaw in good working order.  If you’re in the tree business, then you can’t afford a non-working chainsaw which is why we are here to ensure that your chainsaw won’t go out of order.