What is the Difference Between a Zero-Turn and a Lawn Tractor?

Have you ever seen a lawn mower without a steering wheel? If so, did this make you curious as to how it would be driven?

Mowers With No Steering Wheels?

The mowers without steering wheels which you have seen are commonly referred to as zero-turn mowers.  These lawn mowers are designed to reduce the amount of time which is spent mowing a lawn.  The reason for this is that they are easily able to maneuver around many of the obstacles which are in your way in the yard.

Additional Training Advisable

Many first-time operators would want to consider additional training and experience before operating a zero-turn mower.  A Zero-Turn mower is simple to drive, but the controls can take a little getting used to.  There are essentially two bars on the zero-turn mower which are used to control the steering.  It’s much like driving a shopping cart, but caution is required since it can still be a little bit different than that.  You could tear out a chunk of your lawn or drive into something if you aren’t careful.  It’s a little bit strange for a person whom has never driven one before:

Zero Turn Mowers are not made equally: the professional varieties are designed for those steep curbs which are difficult to climb.  The professional ones are designed

Lawn Tractors:

Lawn tractors are designed for relatively smooth and flat yards.  These are a little bit easier to drive than zero-turn mowers. Regular lawn tractors have a steering wheel, so driving one isn’t much different than driving a car.  Lawn tractors are less-expensive than a zero-turn mower, but don’t offer the same maneuverability.

Bottom Line

If you’ve got a relatively simple lawn to mow: the regular lawn tractor is best suited for you – especially if you’re not as experienced as someone else.  Zero-Turn mowers can still be suited to a simple lawn, but there is still the learning curve associated with them.