How Our Small Engine Repair Charlotte NC Services Your Equipment Fast!

We’re in the business of small engine repair Charlotte NC; and we always work hard to ensure that your equipment whether it is under warranty or not will be serviced in a timely manner.  Power equipment breaks down for many reasons, so it is very crucial for you to keep our service center in mind whenever you are looking for a great repair service!

Our Small Engine Repair Charlotte NC Service Center Is Fast And Efficient
Our Charlotte NC Small Engine Repair Service Center Is Fast And Efficient

The Types of Equipment That We Service

  1. Chainsaws – Have a Chainsaw that won’t start?  We will be more than happy to take a look.
  2. Mowers – Nearly all major brands of lawnmowers are serviced by us at Intesrstate Supplies & Services.
  3. Blowers – We perform repairs on nearly all blowers, and we stand behind our work.
  4. Trimmers – We fix trimmers faster than anyone else!
  5. Pressure Washers – If your pressure washer isn’t running well, then bring it by and we’ll get it fixed.

Our small engine repair Charlotte NC service is a dedicated service center which covers any and all of your service needs.  That is the reason why we started: we wanted to ensure our customers’ lawn care equipment needs. Our customers trust our expertise because we’ve been servicing mowers onlne for quite some time. Once we were able to successfully meet this challenge, the next step was for us to expand to multiple other areas.

We even carry our own line of power equipment and mower parts Charlotte NC.  Our parts warehouse is fully stocked with the parts from nearly all major lawn mower brands.  Our service department uses our parts when we service mowers, and nearly all of our customers trust that we have an eye for quality.

One thing we’ll always keep in mind: your business is our business.  This means that we always will take care to ensure a fast and reliable turnaround time.  We are also more than willing to stand behind our work to ensure a great outcome.

When To Aerate Your Lawn In NC – The Best Time To Aerate A Lawn

Given the benefits of aerating your lawn, you’re probably wondering when to aerate your lawn in NC so you’ll get the biggest benefit for your efforts.  You definitely don’t want to forget to aerate, however!

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Over time, your soil becomes compacted – meaning it more closely begins to resemble clay.  Aerating your lawn pokes small holes into it so that nutrients, air, and water are allowed to enter the soil.  Aerating contributes to a more beautiful, lush, and fuller lawn.  Otherwise, you could end up with nothing but dead grass during the growing season.

The Main Question – When to aerate your lawn in NC?

The time of year to Aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass that you have.  Many people in NC aerate during the early fall, because they have yards with cool-season grass such as Kentucky Bluegrass or Fescue. If you have warm-season grass such as Bermuda Grass, it’s best to wait until the Spring.  If you choose to aerate during the spring, it’s best to wait until you’ve mowed so that your grass will be able to recover from the disturbance aerating can cause.

Choosing an Aerator

Ryan Aerator - When To Aerate in NC
This Is A Ryan Aerator – When To Aerate in NC Is Very Important Especially If You Have The Right Tools

We have a large selection of both Classen and Ryan Aerators.  These aerators are designed to power through large chunks of turf.   You might have a preference for a specific type of aerator such as a stand on aerator, but you’ve got plenty of choices at Interstate Supplies & Services.

Not aerating at the right time means that you’ll miss your window.  If you don’t aerate, that could mean a brown yard during the year.

If you’re a landscape professional, you will definitely want to have an aerator on hand so you can offer the service to your customers. There are very big benefits that your customers could be missing out on if they forget to aerate!

Best Echo Trimmer Matthews NC For Homeowners and Professionals

If you are looking for a Echo Trimmer Matthews NC, then you will not be disappointed with either the SRM-225 or the SRM-2620.  Both of these trimmers have plenty of great features which allow you to get the job done without breaking your back.  Both of these Echo options are straight-shaft trimmers and are designed for performance.


Echo SRM 225 Trimmer
This is the SRM 225 Trimmer, which is tailored to the needs of a homeowner

This is the perfect Echo Trimmer for homeowners.  This one offers a professional grade engine and a reduced effort starting system. Furthermore, it also has a 59″ straight shaft and a speed feed head.  The speed feed head ensures your work won’t be interrupted.


Echo SRM 2620 Trimmer
This Echo SRM 2620 Trimmer is the Echo trimmer of choice for professionals

This trimmer features a 25.4 CC 2-stroke engine made from magnesium.  The air filter has also been designed to ensure that you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning this trimmer as you would with another.  It starts up easily as well, meaning that this trimmer is adapted to some very intense climates.

When shopping for a new trimmer, think of all the features which you might need.  Do you value power, or do you want something that is lightweight?  These are all very important factors to keep in mind when you are looking for your next trimmer.

Best Chainsaws Designed For Winter in Charlotte NC


Winter is right around the corner, and fortunately for us it’s fairly mild.  There is still an occasional snowfall, so it’s still a great idea to have a chainsaw that runs properly.

Here are some potential uses for your chainsaw during the winter season:

  • Cutting Your Own Firewood – Chainsaws let you power through logs!
  • Cutting down a tree or trimming your tree!
  • Cleaning up after a winter storm – What would you do if after an ice storm, you had a tree on your driveway?
  • Trimming back overgrown trees
  • Chainsaw Art!

The most practical need for a chainsaw is after a disaster, whether that is a hurricane or winter storm.  We are definitely prone to some of the bigger weather events, so that is why we are here to help ensure that you have the right chainsaw for your needs.

Here Are Some Great Chainsaw Ideas:

This Husqvarna 450 chainsaw is lightweight and is designed to be environmentally friendly
This Husqvarna 450 chainsaw is lightweight and is designed to be environmentally friendly

Husqvarna 450 – This chainsaw is an amazing piece of equipment!  It’s a great one because it is designed to consume less fuel and is very lightweight at 10.8 lbs.  The bar only extends to 20″, but the reason for this is the chainsaw is designed around the needs of homeowners.


Echo CS 310 chainsaw is a great homeowner chainsaw with safety features and easy start
Echo CS 310 chainsaw is a great homeowner chainsaw with safety features and easy start

Echo CS-310 – This chainsaw is very easy to start with it’s primer bulb start.  It’s got a 2 stroke vortex engine designed to create as much power as possible for you.  Air filter maintenance has also been designed to reduce the amount of effort required to clean.  It even has a stop switch on the back for safety.

A light chainsaw, the Stihl MS 170 has many great design features that make it safe and efficient
A light chainsaw, the Stihl MS 170 has many great design features that make it safe and efficient

Stihl MS-170 – Another lightweight chainsaw, this one has a clutch on the back.  The chainsaw also automatically oils itself (even adjusts to cutting systems).  It holds a whopping 13.9 fluid oz of fuel, allowing for longer operation time.  Finally, the chainsaw is known for a digital ignition system making it easier to start.

Don’t be stranded without a Chainsaw this Winter season.  Please come by Interstate Supplies & Services at 511 Union West Blvd Stallings, NC 28104 or call 704-893-2878 today. We have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff in town.